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Snowshoeing in the Ursern Valley

Off-piste and off the hiking trails, Andermatt's numerous marked showshoe routes await you with endless areas of powder snow. - Protected natural areas and nature reserves must be respected at all times. - Current weather reports can be found at MeteoSchweiz, Tel. 162, - Check the conditions on your planned route online or with your tour operator. - The trails are marked but not secured. Trails are only used at your own risk. Andermatt-Urserental Tourismus and all local tourist offices assume no liability for accidents. - Never go on a snowshoe tour alone. - Allow enough time for the return journey and for unforeseen events. - Make yourself familiar with the timetables, especially the times of the last trains. - Always inform someone of your route and the intended destination. - When you reach your destination, let the people who informed you know that you have arrived safely. - Protect nature and the environment. - Take only memories with you and only leave your footprints. - Make sure you always have the right equipment. - Pay attention to the latest avalanche warnings. For further information, click here!

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